Coastal CBD offers the Highest Quality CBD Oils & CBD Products

Charleston’s Most Trusted
Pure CBD Oil & CBD Products Distributor

Coastal CBD is Charleston’s new local purveyor of the highest quality CBD oils, edibles, salves, and other hemp products.  We are a family owned and operated organization who work with the leading producers in our nation to offer an effective alternative to over the counter and prescription pharmaceuticals.  All Coastal CBD products are grown and processed in the United States.

Because we value the purity of our products and the results our customers experience first and foremost, our products have all been third party tested for quality, pesticides, metals and THC.  Coastal CBD’s products are made from all natural plant based ingredients, with a specifically concentrated combinations of cannabinoids.

We work closely with our partner hemp farms to ensure the highest quality products available today.  Coastal CBDs mission is to teach and inspire locals about the endless possibilities of utilizing all natural products to live life to its fullest. We are a grassroots company with a heavy emphasis on face-to-face communication and education.  Free local delivery is offered and encouraged, in order to provide in-depth answers to any questions our customers have about CBD products, or the CBD movement as a whole.

Coastal CBD: Changing the World One Life at a Time!

“I have been on anti-anxiety meds since 1989, and I’ve taken prescription pills EVERY SINGLE DAY for almost 30 years. I got a 14 day supply of CBD Capsules from Coastal CBD to try. For the first 4 days, I reluctantly took my regular meds in addition to the CBD Capsules and then made a decision to only try the CBD by itself. Immediately I dropped the prescription meds and have now been taking only a CBD capsule daily for the last 15 days! NEVER GOING BACK!" – Gerri. S